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The Q Radio
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  • Schedule

    DJ Mixes - 8 PM-10 AM Everyday
    Freestyle Music - 10 AM-12 PM Mon - Fri
    Lunch Time Mixes - 12 PM-2 PM Mon - Fri
    Freestyle Music - 2 PM-5 PM Mon - Fri
    Rush Hour Mix - 5 PM-6 PM Mon - Wed - Fri
    The Chapter of The Architech Podcast - 5 PM EST Tue & Thurs
    Dance Music - 6 PM-8 PM Every Friday
    Request Hour - 6 PM-8 PM Every Saturday (Click the Request Link Above)
    Salsa Music - 6 PM-8 PM Sun - Thurs

  • Now Playing
    In this screen you will find what is being played and what is coming up next.

  • Most Played Songs
    In this screen you will find the top songs played in the last 7 days.

  • Request
    In this screen you can place a song request to play on the stream in real time.

  • Requested
    In this screen you see which songs have been requested and whether they have been played.

  • Listen
    In this screen you can listen to the radio stream 24/7.

  • Site Information
    In this Section you can keep up to date with info and show changes.